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Denisse – 190e
Drugdeals x Ghana
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Lisa x 7 Rings
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wise old man from ghana
Christmas x Ghana
Videocreator based in Hamburg.


It's (not) about me.

Trying to capture my way to a better me.

My friends call me Seggy. I’m Video- and Photographer based in Hamburg. Born in 1988 I grew up in north Germany. I worked in different creative agencies for 10 years before I met Jeffery Jumpers and joined the Correctlane. Since Summer ’17 we work on a bunch of projects with our label, artists and local companies.

Start where you are. Use what you have.

That’s how i got taught by my dad which I recently realized. Right from the beginning of my videography-career I tried to put my game to a new level with every step I made. Everything started with the build of my DIY-Steadycam but meanwhile I will find a solution for every situation. Because whether its a low-budget or a upperprice project – you will see the amount of effort in the final piece of art.

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It's (not) about me.